Building Blocks Burkina

About Building Blocks Burkina (BBB)

BLOCKSUsing the understanding that child-centred learning and learning through play is the basis of quality early childhood education programs, the Building Blocks Burkina (BBB) program is based on the recognition that simple wooden building blocks, which are generally not used in public schools in Burkina Faso, are the premier educational tool. They are readily available (can be made locally out of locally sourced materials), they are inexpensive, and they are indispensable in creating learning opportunities for young children especially in the acquisition of early mathematical concepts.

Many international studies on early childhood education have proven that young children learn best when they are engaged in self-directed, autonomous learning activities – in educational lingo, play-based learning. Adopting this approach has been proven to increase cognitive development and the likelihood that children will develop a love of learning and all the benefits that brings.

As a qualified and experienced Early Childhood Educator with unique insights into the particular and very significant challenges of the education system in Burkina Faso, Allyson Taché developed a targeted, specific program that is low cost, effective, and with the potential for a far-reaching impact among Burkinabé children in pre-school and kindergarten. If fully implemented we believe that this program could address what might very well be one of the contributing factors in the failure of the current educational system to engage and retain students.




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